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Don’t DIY, Call the Realtors to Sell Your Home

Real Estate

It’s not hard to read a few internet guides and we can suddenly skip the real estate fees and costs and move right on to selling our own home. And although some people do manage to pull it off, it’s not often the case for everyone.

So if you want to sell your house for a good price and with less risk, you may have to deal with the costs associated with real estate agents, but here’s why it’s not necessarily a bad thing.

An Agent Will Save You Time

When you’re actively trying to juggle a busy life with work, family life and the selling of your home, you can soon find the process taking much longer than you initially anticipated.  A real estate agent can easily free up time to allow you to live your life, and they’ll do the hard work for you. So you can carry on with your life while they arrange viewings, talk to potential buyers and coordinate the whole process.

Agents Get More Exposure

In Australia, real estate agents often have many databases to find potential buyers. They know if the property they’re selling should be an investment property or a family home, or is it for young singles or older families? By getting this exposure, you’re more likely to find the right people to enjoy your space after you.

Agents Can Negotiate Well

In real life, you don’t have to negotiate for anything, beyond maybe asking a child or a friend for a favour with something in return, but this is not the same as negotiating the price of a home. This takes a lot of knowledge of the market, your property and negotiation skills too. With the right agent, you can drive up the price of a property in a manner that will lead to the most chances of success.

An Agent Knows Legal Jargon

Buying a home is a complicated legal process and it takes a lot of knowledge of Australian and Victorian property law. A real estate agent can make this much easier and translate all the jargon into understandable English help you to remain legally compliant and make sure your interests are protected.

An Agent Has The Motivation

Many agents don’t make money until a sale is done, so it makes sense that they will be actively trying to make a sale with as much energy as they can muster. With this in mind, they will try to make your home look good in the marketing, they’ll organise viewings and negotiate on your behalf and if the sale doesn’t happen, they pay for it too. This way, you can be confident that even if it’s a slow process, a good deal will come through, otherwise the agent will lose money trying.

When it comes time to sell your home in Point Cook, you need the expertise and local knowledge of Established Property to get the most out of your sale. So contact them today at and get started on the right foot.