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Christmas Decorations – Facts about Christmas Decorations

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When you buy Walmart Christmas decorations or Decorations made from cheap home decorations material, do you wonder why we buy the decorations we do? Christmas ornaments have surprising origins.

Red and Green

Why do we obsess over using red and green throughout the holiday season on everything from ribbons to wrapping paper? The Paradise tree, a fir tree with apples used as a prop in “The Paradise Performance,” an eleventh-century play portraying the Christian vision of Creation, is said to have inspired the colors. The tree stood in for the Garden of Eden, the red apples for the knowledge that brought about Adam’s fall, and the green fir for everlasting life. The white wafers that were used to decorate the tree stood for purity. Due to the play’s religious overtones, Christmas has come to be associated with it.

Glass decorations

Decorative glass In the second part of the 19th century, a small German village called Lauscha is where Christmas ornaments first appeared.  For years, the town manufactured high-quality glassware. For many people, making Christmas decorations evolved to become a family activity. Some households worked 16 hours a day to produce. Some people’s only source of money came from it. Now you can get glass Walmart Christmas decorations in-store or online.

Christmas lights

Christmas lights are frequently utilized and can be strung from windows, doors, walls, lamp posts, and other types of lighting. The poinsettia, a native to Mexico, has been linked to the holiday since the 19th century. Lights and decorations stem from pagan roots during the festival of Saturnalia, where they would put shiny objects on trees to ward off evil spirits.

Take down Christmas trees on the twelfth night.

Twelfth Night, which falls on January 5 or 6, is when Christmas decorations are usually taken down. The discrepancy in this date is that some people consider Christmas Day to be the first day of the holiday season, while for others, it is a feast day in and of itself, and December 26 is the first day of the Christmas season as a whole. As the Three Wise Men bring gifts that evening, this is more like Christmas Eve in Hispanic and other cultures, and as a result, decorations are left up longer. The same is valid for Eastern Churches, which frequently celebrate Christmas on the Julian Calendar, which causes it to occur 13 days later.

Tinsel was a status symbol

Germans in Nuremberg hung strands of silver that later became known as tinsel on their Christmas trees in 1610, a time when silver was a valuable commodity. The tinsel highlighted their wealth and served as a reflector for the candles lit on the trees. To make the decor more affordable for the less wealthy, less expensive materials, such as copper and tin, were substituted for silver. However, during World War I, these materials became rare, which led to their replacement with aluminum which they later discovered was a fire danger, and lead, which turned out to be poisonous. Modern gear was used to form polyvinyl chloride into the distinctive bands that make up most of today’s tinsel.