5 Modern Scandinavian Kitchen Design Ideas for Your Home

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Being a thoughtful process, kitchen designing is more than swapping cabinets and replacing old furniture. This architectural project takes time and creativity backed with novel ideas and design concepts. If you’re thinking of designing or redesigning your kitchen interior, go for the Scandinavian kitchen designs. The Scandi-styled kitchen spaces are functional and beautiful.

To get the job done fantastically, the contractor should hire an experienced kitchen interior designer to make the space look perfect, by reading Swedish reviews.

How to achieve Scandinavian design?

Aesthetically appealing, clean lines, warm textures, organic layers, more functional, and simple – these are the words that describe Scandinavian designs. To achieve Scandinavian design, these are the important points to keep in mind;

  • Hire a professional kitchen interior designer
  • Get furniture masterpieces and design icons through online shopping in Sweden – due to variety.
  • Align the design with your home decor but keep it simple with clean lines.

7 kitchen design ideas to bring Scandinavian style to your home

Take inspiration from these Scandi-styled modern kitchen design ideas that are hand-picked by our experts.

Earthy colour palette

The earth-toned colour palette will bring warm, cosy, and nature vibes to your kitchen. This palette makes up the earth forest green-coloured cabinetry with panelled backsplash backed with wooden textures. The brushed gold handles and knobs will spice up the whole look giving it a royal vibe.

Modern styling with the art of display

With a strong emphasis on practicality, Scandinavian kitchen design can be made artistically amazing by adding some art frames (which can be handmade or printed) that go great with the overall theme of the kitchen. To achieve modern styling, set up simple, sleek, and iconic lighting items to the ceiling.

Warm textures with wooden accent

To achieve warm textures with a wood accent, incline your attention towards adding more neutral wood furniture. Moreover, the wooden cabinets will soften the space more if it is complemented by the white-coloured walls and vibrant rugs. Along with this, you can go for black handles and knobs to make it classy.

Contrasting neutral colours with vibrant folding table

This style will make your kitchen space look eye-catching and investment-worthy. With modern styling ideas, clean and tidy grey-coloured cabinets giving matte look to the kitchen will make it appear sleek. If this is contrasted with a mustard colour folding table under classy lighting icons, then the appearance will be spiced up giving an organized feel.

Hygge style with rugs

With neutral colour schemes, cover the wooden floors with soft but sturdy rugs to give the space a cosier feel. The Hygge style refers to adding simplicity and functionality to the decoration without extra items. To complete the look, install wooden cabinets and metal accessories in the kitchen.

Always incorporate muted pastel colours in the kitchen if you’re looking for a Scandinavian design. Moreover, the space always looks organized and decluttered. Most of the designs go great with wooden cabinets. You can blend traditional with modern styles to enjoy the all-around design experience of Scandinavian style.